Social Spaces - What's Next

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As we continue our retailiate ethos; our specialist agents share unique insights to help drive success and explore how social spaces are changing. The role of the store, occupiers, investors, developers and landlords alike are evolving; and digitally native occupiers are taking their stores offline to bricks-and-mortar sites. 

So, what’s next? 

However fast things are moving, you can rely on us to advise and guide you, as you take your next step in the marketplace.

John Percy
Head of Places

Swap the shop: is residential the answer?

Introducing residential into retail locations has been touted as the solution to the UK housing crisis and failing high street. But in an economically fragmented country, does one size fit all?


Town Centres: remaining resilient in the changing face of retail

'Resilience’ plays a recurring role in the UK’s history. As a group of islands we have weathered famines and plagues, invasions and wars...


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